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Applying for the Freshman Class

How to Apply

Family members may apply for admissions to the Jewish Academy High School on the school's website. Once submitted, all applicants must write a Personal Statement to be considered for admissions (Click here to Submit). Personal Statements must be typed, size 12 font and 2-3 pages in length answering the following question(s): Describe your three greatest strengths as a person. How do you plan to use these character strengths in High School and in the future. All Personal Statements must be submitted on the Dropbox on the TJA Website

When to Apply

Admission priority is provided to qualified applicants whose applications and supporting documents are received by the Office of Admissions during the preferred application period from January 1st to March 1st. Applications received outside this period will be considered on a space available basis only.

Incoming Freshman Deadlines

The freshman application period is mid-August through November 1, regardless of entering term. • Freshman decisions will be available at the end of February for students who applied by November 1. Freshman Selection The selection process is based on the applicant’s academic credentials and a holistic review of the application. It is very difficult to predict the admissibility of any applicant without considering all information contained in the application and the size and strength of the applicant pool. All factors must be considered in the admission review. The Office of Admission considers an applicant’s total middle school record, including grades, test scores, educational objective and pattern of courses completed, and personal background and experiences. Admission becomes selective when the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of freshman spaces available.

Minimum Requirements for Acceptance into the Jewish Academy High School

Middle School Diploma

2.5 GPA or Administrative Approval

Submission of Personal Statement

Character and Behavior References in the Community

Minimum Requirements for Acceptance into the Honors/Dual Enrollment Track:

3.0 GPA or Approval from Administration

PERT Scores: Math (114), Writing (103), Reading (106)

2023 - 2024 School Year

Tuition and Fees

$100 Non-Refundable Application Fee Per Child for New Applicants




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